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Model QSL4

Extra care must be taken when moving net-wrapped bales and that's why spearing them is the preferred way of doing it.

The patented Quad-Spear is built to cut the time it takes to clear fields, or load a trailer by moving bales two at a time without the need to spear the first bale, set it down by the second one then back away, square up finally spearing both bales. Trying to slide the first bale on the ground to spear the second bale will cause damage to the net-wrap in most cases. 
QSL4 has the patented SPEAR RETRACTOR feature that is a must if you are piling bales or loading trucks. Everyone who loads trucks knows that when you set the bales down on the flatbed and start to back away, many times the bales stick to the spears causing a great loss of time and frustration to the operator.

This problem is solved by lowering the bales to the position you want them, tilt the loader and the bumper engages the upper part of the bale as the spears are retracted. More than ever before, time is money. You have a large investment in your loader whether it is a farm tractor or a front end loader. Get twice the work done with the QSL4.

With Quad-Spear, you spear the first bale (1) and raise it with the loader enough to clear the ground; then you spear the second bale (2) and raise them both. At this point, one bale is being carried higher than the other bale (3).

When you arrive at where you want to leave the bales, you simply lower the loader and the lowest bale will contact the surface first. Each bale has a set of spears that is attached to a telescoping sleeve that slides freely up and down the uprights on the frame. This allows the upright to slide down until the first bale also rests on the surface (4). After you back away, the sleeve slides back down the upright and is ready for the next two bales.

Also, when the two bales are raised in the air, you can hydraulically move the bales close together (5) or up to 1 1/2 feet apart (6). This is important when loading trailers. Also, when loading trailers, the floating spears automatically eliminate the binding pressure being put on either bale.

The QSL4 works best on larger capacity tractor loaders, or front-end loaders.
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