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These models are built to easily handle two 1-ton bales at a time. The frame is 5"x7" x 1/4" wall rectangular tubing. The upper part of the frame has four outward and downward sloping arms to help prevent the frame from tearing apart over time. 

Models 2X6 & 2F6

Model 2x6 image.jpg
Both models can now be ordered with either the standard heavy-duty teeth or the optional spear package. The spears will fit all Hennig Bale Movers with bolt-on teeth. When equipped with spears, you can leave the bales close together or several inches apart because two long spears are used for each bale. 

You can also use the spears as teeth by swappign sides. This puts the spears at the ground level and is a must when handling bales that are wrapped with natural fiber twine that has weathered and no longer holds the bales together.

When ordering the 2x6 or 2F6 with the spear package, an extra set of tooth hangers are added to the inside portion of the tool bar. This is only needed if you want to leave the two bales several inches apart. When you bolt the spears to the closest inside position, the bales will touch if they are 6' in diameter. 
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